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Message Subject kundalini/holy spirit comes in through your left big toe
Poster Handle Songtsan
Post Content
lol.....open mind? I do know the truth, thanks. I didn't spend years in hell for nothing.

Denying your spiritual progress isn't going to help you buddy. If God wants you back, he's going to drag you there if he has to.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 31481804

"Sometimes a fool, sometimes a sage, sometimes possessed of regal splendour; sometimes wandering, sometimes motionless, sometimes wearing a benign expression, sometimes honored, sometimes insulted, sometimes unknown- thus lives the man of realization, ever happy in the knowledge of the Ultimate. Though without riches, yet ever content; though helpless, yet endowed with exceeding power; though detached from sense-objects, yet eternally satisfied; though working yet inactive; though enjoying the fruits of action, yet untouched by them; though possessed of a body, yet unidentified by it; though appearing to be a finite soul, yet omnipresent and infinite is he. Peaceful in heart- unperturbed by attachment and aversion when in contact with agreeable and disagreeable objects. Self-knowledge alone is the direct cause of liberation."

"The world doesn’t speak for itself because you are so caught up in your story line that instead of feeling that there’s a lot of space in which you could lead our life as a child of illusion, you are robbing yourself from letting the world speak for itself. You just keep speaking to yourself, so nothing speaks to you."

One can see in each of us going through this phenomena, that it is transpersonal, archetypal and trans-anthropomorphic. Though in its insidious omnipresence it is intensely personal and specific, especially crafted to our own unique needs and condition. Kundalini works with whatever we have built ourselves to be. Whatever our encrustations and blocks, the fire in perfect equanimity uses everything good and bad to fuel the flame of consciousness. Prior to being able to act in resonance with nature, we first need to understand nature.

Let righteous indignation be your guide that you are holding on to your self. Taking responsibility yourself is a quality of being able to see things clearly. Another part of taking responsibility is gentleness, which goes along with not judging, not labeling. Finally, keep going forward. See what you do as clearly and as compassionately as you can and then go on. Don’t get frozen into any identity. Don’t be so predictable- don’t react predictably to pleasure and pain.

“Train without bias in all areas.” It is crucial to do this pervasively and whole heartedly. Train without bias, without the labels. See bias when it comes up and begin to connect with how painful that is, to feel the prejudice, the resentment, the judgment. If you cease thought and have no conceptions, this is true thought. True though is true emptiness. The realm of true emptiness is the gradual way of transcendence, leaving the city of darkness and going to the court of reality. Not doing anything with the world is the drum announcing learning. If the mind goes anywhere, the spirit is there in a state of arousal; if you return it to emptiness, that will extinguish compulsive activity, so it can be at rest. Focus on only one aspect of a situation can blind a person to other significant features of the total reality. Concentration on transcendental matters at the expense of common sense leads to loss in both worlds. Presumption of personal knowledge greatly obstructs the Truth; you go back and forth in a fog, stagnant, without expanding. “The open spirit does not die; it is the entry to all marvels.”

Clear openness, calm stability, nurturing vitality, nurturing spirit, the mysterious pass, mystic receptivity, pure attention, nascent enlightenment, yin & yang, real knowing and conscious knowing, overcoming pitfalls, illumination, creative strength and receptive tranquility – all are in the mind. What is the use of names? Forms do not remain. The obstacle of principle is very harmful to the knowing of Truth. The obstacle caused by individual clinging to partiality prevents comprehensive perception. The mystic essential is to balance openness and realism. Where does your fist go when you open your hand? The “fist” is not a thing but a relationship. From the beginning there has never been a thing. Thought cannot exist without consciousness, but consciousness does not need thought. Mind is the house of spirit. It is the source of all wonders and the director of all beings. Essence is in it, life is in it. People studying the truth should first understand the mind; everything else comes after that. Whatever is in the mind is unreal; when you clear it all away, you will be unobstructed.

Do not be idolatrous about or bound to any doctrine, theory, or idealogy. Systems of thought are guiding means; they are no absolute truth. Do no think the knowledge you presently possess is changeless, absolute truth. Avoid being narrow-minded and bound to present views. Learn and practice non-attachment from views in order to be open to receive others’ viewpoints. Truth is found in life and not merely in conceptual knowledge. Be ready to learn throughout your entire life and to observe reality in yourself and in the world at all times. Truth is found right in the middle of the changing flow of space/time/being. The act of honest questioning/constructive questioning leads to understanding. ‘Great doubt – great understanding; little doubt – little understanding.’

Old habits dissolve day by day; new habits are formed. Nothing gets in the way; you are free from the cage of the world. No two thought-moments are exactly the same. Knowing this, do you think knowledge is eternal and unchanging? It to dissolves from moment to moment. We become enlightened when we see through our blinding misperception. Through examination we see the once rigid ego dissolve into fiction, and the solidity of our world turns fluid. Belief-systems, dogmatic views, closed convictions, fanatic ideologies, etc. are sickness to be cured by the medicine of emptiness. Live transcendentally, valuing Truth above all personal considerations. Become critical of all falsehood, pretense, delusion, shams, etc. Enlightenment is the emergence from the tutelage of others. The truly alive see an infinitude of universes, see through an infinitude of eyes, understand from an infinitude of understanding.
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