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Message Subject kundalini/holy spirit comes in through your left big toe
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I've always been really interested in having this kundalini activation thing, but sadly, i've been unable to achieve it thus far. Can anyone help me in doing this? I feel like it's really important to me and it's really a huge next step in my life that just can't reach.
 Quoting: Dust on the lotus feet

It's best if you are single and you isolate yourself. Play zen type music throughout the day, watch no tv, read no news and read positive affirmations. Meditate 3 times a day and cut your meat consumption way back (all together if you can) and drink water only. Then stand back and let the tears flow and feel the love of the Universe (or as some call it God) engulf your spirit. This about a 3 week process.
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