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Message Subject Breaking: Bernanke leaving sinking US Economic Ship?
Poster Handle No More Lies
Post Content
Eric King: “Dr. Roberts also mentioned that Bernanke wants to pass the torch to the next guy before the collapse happens.”

Sinclair: “It may not be the next guy, it may be the next gal (Yellen). The general thesis of can-kicking is when the can can’t be kicked any more, you are not there. During the crisis in Cyprus, in answer to questions, the Chairman (Bernanke) did open up the door to a strong possibility he might not choose to remain as Chairman of the Fed.

That is a significant consideration because I don’t think the Chairman, who is really the ‘bagman’ of the previous Chairman (Greenspan), really wants to be there when the collapse is in full swing. This is especially true if Cyprus is an attempt to create a change in how Chairman Bernanke had in fact planned the bailouts.

So if Cyprus is used to take depositors’ money, that’s a key change. If this is in fact the new strategy, then in a very short period of time you are going to see that all of the money put into the financial system from 2008 forward has been wasted. The Chairman’s effective resignation, by failing to stand for reappointment, would indicate he sees all of his efforts have been destroyed by the IMF’s ‘Cyprus Solution,’ and this will be a key signal that the end is at hand.”

[link to kingworldnews.com]


Think about it, he's leaving BEFORE a lot of the polices he put in place are actually implemented....if he was confident they were going to be even remotelyl succesful, he wouldn't leave for anything! He would want the credit for directing the proverbial ship around the proverbial icebergs. But nope! Instead he is a proverbial rat jumping of that proverbial ship. Ok i'm not typing proverbial ever again!
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