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My Answer to the age old Question about religion

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United States
03/21/2013 04:39 PM
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My Answer to the age old Question about religion
This is my opion and answer about the age old question about religion you dont have to agree but is very scientific.

Every country has a Different religion !
Why ?
Why is your religion the right one ?

Its because of the human Brain.
When a Human being has stress or can not control whats going on in and around their life, when A human Being cant understand the meaning of life and why they exist they turn to religion.

And when they turn to religion God makes everything make sense and he takes away all their worries that believing in god he will help and protect them through any situation that they go through.

Just like a bird that is the same species but seperated by water living on two different peices of land thousands of miles apart over time one bird will evolve to fly while the other bird stays grounded and never develops the capabilities to fly its the same way in religion explanition

Each country has a different religion that is seperated by water miles apart and they think their religion is the one and only God to believe in just like the bird when human beings became stressed and could not control what was going on in thier life and could not make sense of why they exist they invented a god to believe in at different times in Different areas of the world not knowing other religions they invented their own religion at that time thus being why all religions are Different and why we have religion

but wait am I saying religion is not real man made yes I am but if you tuly know the truth then you could know you are God the creator and we are all connected but then it gets deep so I will stop there

Believe it or not its how our brains as humans are wirred just like a animal in the wild

I know I cant spell and have bad grammer this was on my mind so I wanted to post it just my opinion if I offended the jesus freaks im not sorry if you think im full of shit so be it but if you can relate to what I said you already know and if you have any comments meaning you read my whole post let them roll no worries

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United States
03/22/2013 03:03 AM
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Re: My Answer to the age old Question about religion