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Message Subject \ *** UPDATE *** IF OBAMA HAD A SON: Black teenagers murder white baby in a stroller (Arrests made: one 17 y/o and one 14 y/o)
Poster Handle uscrusader1
Post Content
It's the usual negro primitive predatory behavior.

The latest DNA research indicates Homo erectus left Asia/Levant and met up with Neanderthals at least 1,000 generations ago. Sub-Saharan negroes have 10 generations or so since they left the primitive native conditions of Africa as slaves.
That same DNA research indicates all races of current civilized H.sapiens have Neanderthal DNA except the Sub-Saharan negro.
All races(except Australoid) with the H.sapien/Neanderthal DNA blend have average IQ's of 90-105, Sub-Saharan negroes average IQ is 70.

This is not so much 'flash mob' or 'gang' activity as instinctive primitive native predation behavior, defenseless caucasions... YOU are the prey!

It's either the lack of +990 generations of civilized/social living or the Neanderthal DNA blend that is the cause.
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