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Message Subject Looking for people who channel spirits, ghosts, aliens, angels, kundalini, voices, etc.
Poster Handle sssss
Post Content
Kundalini is cosmic energy, when your body fills with it you chakras and energetic body open more so you can perceive more outside of this realm.

What your referring to i call "the grid", basically universal consciousness. Yes you can access a lot of information from there as long with anyone else. The only thing i have not concluded is whether this information is coming from your higher self or this grid.

I find sometimes i can get answers for mundane things like where i left my keys and get an instant reply. Yet some other things i get nothing, like now with your question.

Sounds to me what who you are "channeling" is just your higher self. This has become much stronger the past year, where i can almost at will communicate with mine and hear answers in my head. BUT, he/she only seems to do so when it will benefit my soul progression. I never get an answer regarding a lesson i am supposed to learn.

I dont think you'll get much for this test as its more of a thought rather than something that will benefit you, keep toying with it tho, it does get stronger!

Be interesting to see if you get any results never the less.

I might add to your findings.
I have experimented with channeling different entities.
I once had a grey alien pose as my spirit guide who was giving my false information. Whether or not this is just they way it showed itself to me im not sure. But i didn't trust the answers and questioned it, then it ran for the hills. I tried Arch angel Micheal once to, as he seems to be popular and i was just curious. I definitely noticed a difference in energy, was very strong and masculine. The messages seem to come through alot clearer as well, found that interesting....
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