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Message Subject Looking for people who channel spirits, ghosts, aliens, angels, kundalini, voices, etc.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Anyone who believes they are channeling anything other than themselves is not an informed or enlightened individual.. You cannot channel OTHER beings.. You are only channeling what exists in your higher mind.. You are channeling "Source".

What you are hearing is your higher self, or your higher consciousness.. It always has, and always will exist inside of each and every person on this Earth.. It's the CHRIST spirit.. Or CHRIST Consciousness, and no it's not a religious thing..

When each person connects, they all experience pretty much the exact same things.. Answers to all questions you seek, a feeling of intense love, a very blissful sensation for days or weeks at a time, feeling playful and childlike, increased awareness, loss of appetite for "Junky Foods" and a desire for fresh vegetables and fruits, interrupted sleep patterns, etc etc..

For many people this feeling comes when they are at their lowest, or most painful moments.. When they feel they are about to give up all will to exist.. When they call out for help in their weakest times.. It's a feeling that lets you know that you are not alone, that someone/something cares about you, that something is always "With you and Within you".. It's a feeling that you get that ensures you that there is no such thing as death, that this is merely one chapter in a series of novels, Where each ending is a new beginning..

For me, this happened after I broke my hand twice in 6 months, it was the most miserable time of my life.. I had been very depressed, hardly eating, hardly sleeping, practicing meditation to try and find some inner balance, etc etc.. I broke down in the shower one day, and just let everything out.. Wondering what I had done to deserve all of the pain I was experiencing.. And I got my answer the next day.. I was outside cutting grass, and a truck drove by with a Sudan Temple plate on the front of it.. And right at that moment, an energy swept over me that literally about knocked me off my feet.. It was the most intense thing I ever witnessed in my life.. And it lasted for a week nearly..

The voice you ask about, for me wasn't a voice, per se.. It was more of like a pronounced thought.. That's the only way I can describe it.. Thoughts that I could not deny.. Thoughts of things I wouldn't normally think of, just popped into my head and were easily verifiable, and actually didn't need verification because I just FELT that it was all truth.... It was a moment of awakening to not only myself and my way of life, but to the bullshit of my environment around me.. You learn to finally exist without really existing at all.. If that makes sense to anyone..

And then, just as abruptly as it came into your being, it leaves you.. And then you do everything within your power to just get that feeling back.. You start to doubt yourself again, "What am I doing wrong, why did you leave me"? kind of feeling.. It encourages you to be a better person.. It encourages you to improve yourself.. It instills in you that peace cannot exist in the world until each and every soul is at peace within themselves.. It encourages you to embrace your inner demons, face them and keep them in check.. We all have the capability to be good and evil, both.. The fight between the light and dark forces is nothing but an internal conflict which manifests in physical form when people lose control.. Period.. It's all about energy, vibration, frequency and perfect balance..

But enough from me, and my ramblings..

Peace out! ♥
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 26154537

Forgot to add.. Jim Carey explains it perfectly..
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