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Message Subject Looking for people who channel spirits, ghosts, aliens, angels, kundalini, voices, etc.
Poster Handle Magixman01
Post Content
Yes it is possible to translate messages through spirit guides and while christianity wants you to think it is playing with demons it is not. Not all spirit guides are demons and even if they were it would not necessarily be a bad thing. Demons are not evil nor good. Demons or spirits of fallen angels. There is no such things as good or evil only a difference in perspective. Where God wants you to believe in one set path without question Lucifer believes in do what you want but except the consequences. Now many demons want you to believe all they want is to kill or whatever but many just want their bodies back and/or to complete some sort of task. Many just want attention and get it through force and control and scare tactics where as angels go about it the more sugar way with affection and such. But both angels and Demons can be demanding and forceful. It is really a matter of the angel or demon themselves. Many demons want to make up for the past or want to be reuinited with a loved one that they were seperated from in the afterlife and feel depraved and victimized just as convicted fellons feel. They feel like a product of the system. Now I want to participate in your test however I do want to know the name of your angel or spirit guide and I want you to ask them to send the message to the archeangel Sammuel. I believe the message is hello how are you, and this is a test of the spirit transmission system but I cannot be quite sure that is the message you sent until I know the name of the sender. Transmitting messages spiritually is difficult, and can be lost in transmission however it is possible but there is such an abundance of spirits out there with messages that unless you know the exact location of the person you are sending it to it is very difficult. By the way If at all possible I would like to meet you in person you sound like someone I may know. There are 8 people who have exeptional gifts and no you can call it a spirit guide but it is actually I think an angel or demon. Each person has three spirit guides a guardian angel, an internal angel and an internal demon. Harnessing all three and unlocking them fully is a difficult task however i possess the ability and I think you may too. Also there is a lot i need to discuss with you if you really do feel this way. Every religion calls them something different but they are all pretty much the same. There are also other spirits that people can speak to and who may be with them that are not angels or demons. Now understanding which one you are using is also important because some angels or demons or even spirits may be better at transmitting messages then others. There are also things called personal reapers who are more slaves then they are angels, demons, or normal spirits.
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