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Message Subject Looking for people who channel spirits, ghosts, aliens, angels, kundalini, voices, etc.
Poster Handle giftsamongus
Post Content
To the person who said "Anyone who believes they are channeling anything other than themselves is not an informed or enlightened individual.. You cannot channel OTHER beings.. You are only channeling what exists in your higher mind.. You are channeling "Source"."

You can not be more wrong my friend. Have you ever heard of Reiki? I have my masters degree in it and I am an energy worker. I can channel anyone I know, know of, or hear the name of. Even the dead's energy comes to me because I'm a slight medium. You definitely can channel other beings based on ones energy housed in the body, or sometimes not body. There is even science to it that you can measure the hearts field, I forget how many feet but I think it was measurable up to 10 feet away, so if people radiate energy like that who's to say you can't channel into that, and into their, frequency? I channel my friends and get vibes and also emotions come through sometimes. I was given this ability by not only getting my first, and second degree, but masters in Reiki and I have a natural gift. Yeah you can channel source, and when I do I get calming sensations. The one who is posting this what kind of voices do you hear? My gut is telling me these aren't truly friendly, however my guide does communicate with me through voice sometimes, but it is always my own. For example, If indulge in an alcoholic beverage and I'm smoking a lot of cigarettes I'll hear a voice (sounds like me) in my head saying a short message telling me "slow down" My guide is friendly and used positive reinforcement, as they should. If they're trying to connect you to other things and use different types of voices I don't think they're truly good though. When I astral project my guide introduces me to other beings but it's not something that happens when I'm awake and she doesn't really communicate with a voice.

And for the person that posted that "you are not an enlightened individual" I am on that path and I try my best (slipping up a time or two) but I try my best to follow the eightfold path, the only thing I do wrong is intoxication, but that's on occasion. I really hope you don't take my post offensively but I do want you to know it is very, very possible to channel.
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