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Message Subject Looking for people who channel spirits, ghosts, aliens, angels, kundalini, voices, etc.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I am trying an experiment to find out something I have been wondering about for a while. I can hear the voice of some kind of entity, which I have self-described as my 'spirit guide' or 'kundalini'. What I am trying to determine is whether these voices that people channel are all from the same source, or even if they are from different sources, can they relay messages to other people's spirit guides, kundalini, etc. So I have instructed the entity that I can talk to pass along a phrase to any other spirits, aliens, angels, etc. of other people who can channel to see if it can be done. Obviously this needs the participation of both the sender, the receiver, the sender's angel, spirit, etc. and the receiver's angel, alien, voices, etc. So it needs the participation of 3-4 entities (2 being human). So anyways, if you can channel, please ask for the phrase from your source and post the simple phrase if you get anything. Thank you for your participation.
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[link to www.ascensionhelp.com]
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