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Vision of meeting with affectionate aliens

Stefan Parlow
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03/23/2013 09:18 AM
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Vision of meeting with affectionate aliens
It is already the time frame after the official landing of affectionate aliens:
On the street I meet two beings from Venus. They are very friendly and after a brief welcome one of the creatures touches my third eye with a pointing finger. The creature looks intensely into my eyes and sends me his energy. I can feel this positive energy flow physically. After about ten seconds of continuous power transmission I thank them.
We start talking about life on earth. They tell me about life on Venus and but report also about life on Aldebaran. (E.g.: Aldebaran is the brightest star of the constellation of Taurus.) After they told me a lot of things they tell me that about sixty percent of the course of conversation was planned, because they had the task to tell me certain things or because they wanted to learn about life on Earth out of first hand. Forty percent would have been the result freely out of the conversation.

I then get the idea to make them familiar with the contents of my book. I look for my business cards, but do not have them with me. In my car parked in the vicinity I find them and give it to the two beings of the Venus. They briefly look at my business card and are then delighted and surprised to have met someone who has visions and channelings.
They ask me to make an appointment for a presentation, so that I can give them and other aliens a detailed view of my prophecy activity. Whereupon they are not so much interested about the content of the visions and channelings, but primarily focus on whether and how I prepare for it internally, in which way this visions and channelings happen, how I like it, and especially how the reaction is of my fellow man.
At the end of our conversation I'm not sure if I was not chosen specifically for this interview. Ultimately, however, I look upon this as an academic question as to interact with other cultures is always right and good.
(Vision, 13 03 23)