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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle 4Q529
Post Content
So, how do we "head for the exit"?

Is it necessary to do dreamwork, or astral traveling before death to assist us?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36611906

I think the most important thing is silencing the inner dialogue through meditation. That is the foundation to learning to do many great things.

Dream work and astral travel are also very important. Since the only thing that dies is your ego you want to detach yourself from it and its insidious beliefs.

Think about children and how magical life is for them. Many of them use psychic abilities that baffle the adults around them. So the adults manipulate the way the children view and create their reality so that the children create a world as bland and morose as the adults that teach them. No you can't do that you can't do this while sitting them in front of a TV that programs their mind to think a certain way. Originally children are able to experience many different worlds, but they are taught to experience only this one.

This is your predator....

Some have argued that the predator is like the golem of Jewish folklore and only a creation of the human mind. I personally don't believe this to be true because of various experiences I have had. I believe that the Arcons exist outside of human awareness and have been around earth far longer then humans have.

The exchange of energy is not as hard as you might think. I'm sure everybody has known somebody that seems to drain your energy when you are around them. When people feel strong emotions that is when they give off the most energy and this is why the predator attempts to keep people in a heightened state of fear over survival.
 Quoting: Focused_Intent

I guess I have to say that I have 'problems' with such an 'objectification' of the term "predator".

It is a paranoid image, to begin with; which means, of course, that it is congruent with the consciousness of the "self" which originates in fear and desire in the first place; by which I mean that such a kind of consciousness must be observed in detail, in the mechanisms of its actions and reflexes, to be of any use.

That is, the problems with the dualistic consciousness are much more subtle than that.

One moves from the "observing consciousness", to the consciousness of the "self", to the consciousness of the 'thinker' maybe hundreds of times each day; depending upon the exigencies of life.

It is the tenacity of the images of the "self" and the thoughts of the 'thinker'--and the inability to step outside of those images and thoughts--that is the problem.

It is the "self" that loves, for example. And, while that is positive, it is the holding to images of that love, and interacting on the basis of those images, that cause problems.

Same goes for the thoughts of the 'thinker'.

They are crucially important for survival in society.

On the other hand, they are, in other instances, the very source of conflict and violence.

In short, Gnostic theory is not any better than any other theory if it is nothing more than something that is held by the consciousness of the 'thinker' for the purpose of preserving the duality of the "self".

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