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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle 4Q529
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I guess I have to say that I have 'problems' with such an 'objectification' of the term "predator".

It is a paranoid image, to begin with; which means, of course, that it is congruent with the consciousness of the "self" which originates in fear and desire in the first place; by which I mean that such a kind of consciousness must be observed in detail, in the mechanisms of its actions and reflexes, to be of any use.

That is, the problems with the dualistic consciousness are much more subtle than that.

One moves from the "observing consciousness", to the consciousness of the "self", to the consciousness of the 'thinker' maybe hundreds of times each day; depending upon the exigencies of life.

It is the tenacity of the images of the "self" and the thoughts of the 'thinker'--and the inability to step outside of those images and thoughts--that is the problem.

It is the "self" that loves, for example. And, while that is positive, it is the holding to images of that love, and interacting on the basis of those images, that cause problems.

Same goes for the thoughts of the 'thinker'.

They are crucially important for survival in society.

On the other hand, they are, in other instances, the very source of conflict and violence.

In short, Gnostic theory is not any better than any other theory if it is nothing more than something that is held by the consciousness of the 'thinker' for the purpose of preserving the duality of the "self".

 Quoting: 4Q529

You can not observe consciousness from a position of separation. You are consciousness. You can only observe the self image that consciousness creates.
 Quoting: Focused_Intent

The sentence "you are consciousness" has no real meaning.

You must specify what it is that you are talking about.

There are three dimensions of consciousness: the "self", the 'thinker' and the "observing consciousness".

Both the "self" and the 'thinker' can be observed from the 'frame of reference' of the "observing consciousness"; but the 'observation' of the "observing consciousness" itself consists of the knowledge of the existence of the "observing consciousness" and the resolution of the duality.

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