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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle 4Q529
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There are three dimensions of consciousness: the "self", the 'thinker' and the "observing consciousness".

People play the role of an actor as they pretend to be their ego or self image. That is where you get the idea of the self...
 Quoting: Focused_Intent


I am not talking about the idea of the "self".

I am talking about the observed reality of the "self".

It is not any idea; it is something that can actually be observed, like the three states of water: ice, water and steam.

Once you realize that you are not your self image you begin to contemplate your thoughts and question where they come from. You realize that you can go to a place of silence that is beyond the reach of the thoughts and so you get the idea of a thinker because you can observe your thoughts.
 Quoting: Focused_Intent

You appear to be working backwards in this regard.

Maybe that's not important. I don't know.

Once you have identified your self image and the thinker you then think what is left is the observing consciousness that observes the thoughts and the ego/self identity.
 Quoting: Focused_Intent

Precisely wrong.

That was not the origin of my observation of that consciousness at all.

It originated in the revelation of the memories of previous lives, in which there was a consciousness that observed the emergence of the consciousness of the "self" and the consciousness of the 'thinker' over many lifetimes.

It was not any idea; it was an observed reality.

Just as the "self" is not an idea, neither is the "observing consciousness". It is an actual observed reality. The difficulty is in learning that its observation is consumed in the knowledge of its existence.

When I say consciousness I am talking about the consciousness that observes the ego and the thoughts. Because truly this is what consciousness is. The self and the thinker are not part of consciousness they are the acts of consciousness.
 Quoting: Focused_Intent

Of course, the "self" and the 'thinker' are part of consciousness.

If you love, you have a consciousness of a "self".

If you read the news, you have a consciousness of a 'thinker'.

They are dualistic rather than non-dualistic; but they are not disqualified from being elements of consciousness for that reason.

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