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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Thank you for this thread.

It makes a lot of sense. The we are energy concept is something that I have "believed' in for most of my life. I have always just understood that was how it was and have been having a lot of verification lately that it indeed is the way it is.

This predator you speak of. I see it. Especially since last Friday, a week ago today 3/22. It was as if a portal opened and these things came came rushing in. I have felt as though I have had one foot in another dimension since. It is not bad. It is just different.

I see it here on this website. Everyone seems to have gone mad one way or another. They are either "god" themselves or have been suddenly "awakened." Somehow I am getting the feeling the "awakening" they are feeling is not real. Something does not feel right about it. When I start hearing about this awakening from people on the street, coworkers etc something seems forced. I am all for finding ones own path, because it is necessary. But something feels forced.

I was walking through a park the other day and this guy started yelling at me about angels. That he could smell them. It was a but unnerving to say the least. I have noticed a lot of other subtle things about people in the last week.

Something changed. Something happened.

Thank you again for this thread. Helps to better understand what we are up against.
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