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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle 4Q529
Post Content
Well, now I am really confused about what you are saying.

I consider the "self" to be the same as the "ego".

And now you are differentiating them?


And what does the term "predator's 'mind'" mean?

A 'mind'--any 'mind'--is a 'curved spatiality' of consciousness originating in the 'movement' of self-reflection.

That is, my 'mind' is over here and your 'mind' is over there.

That is what I mean by 'curved spatiality'.

If you cannot describe what you really mean by the word consciousness, it is not in any way a useful term.

You might as well replace it with the word "unicorn", for example.

Life is the reality of the "self", the reality of the 'thinker' and the reality of a non-dualistic dimension of consciousness--all of these things together.

 Quoting: 4Q529

Yes I know what I am saying goes against many teachings about consciousness.
 Quoting: Focused_Intent

But that is not my objection.

My objection is that what you are saying cannot be directly observed.

It is a thought or theory that has no other referent; it is only a thought. Which means that it is a belief that must be held by the consciousness of the 'thinker'. Like a thought of a unicorn. It has no reality. It is merely a thought. Even if someone draws a picture of one.

I am saying that while people identify them self as the ego, the ego is actually not a part of them. There is a parasitic spiritual entity that has attached its self to people and it has merged its mind/consciousness with us. The ego is not a part of our mind it is that of the predator. I am not speaking metaphorically right now I am speaking literally. This can be detected during meditation and seen in peoples auras.
 Quoting: Focused_Intent

But all of this is a violation of the Law of Parsimony or Occam's Razor. It is thought upon thought upon thought; resulting in an infinite regress of complexification. And it is very difficult to understand what you are saying without a definition of what you really mean by the words 'mind' and 'consciousness'.

Here is what I quoted at the beginning of the thread.

“‘No, they don’t do it that way. That’s idiotic!” don Juan said, smiling. “They are infinitely more efficient and organized than that. In order to keep us obedient and meek and weak, the predators engaged themselves in a stupendous manoeuvre

stupendous, of course, from the point of view of a fighting strategist. A horrendous manoeuvre from the point of view of those who suffer it. They gave us their mind! Do you hear me? The predators give us their mind, which becomes our mind. The predators’ mind is baroque, contradictory, morose, filled with the fear of being discovered any minute now.”
 Quoting: Don Juan
 Quoting: Focused_Intent

All of this strikes me as little more than paranoid mentation; the function of which is to intensify the "us"/"them" duality; thus reinforcing and strengthening the consciousness of the "self" when that is, purportedly, precisely what is not desired.

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