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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
Every person has a particular view from there own belief system.
This is were we fall for the trap of divisions...this all plays out in this thread and every other discussion.

This particular subject is a big mine field.

Only parts are correct about the so called predator that's discussed here.
It goes back further in history...it surpasses any texts or known knowledge that's available.

We label it predator...but in reality it isn't.
If you have a good look at the similarity's of what's discussed here...it matches well with the artificial entity creation.

The answer lies in that direction and it's relationship with us all.

I'll re-write more information when i get some time.

One thing that I don't subscribe to is negative or postive...energy.

This doesn't exist...the platform of consciousness only creates a stated mindset ... that percieves a duality concept.

Everything is created through geometric sound waves.
This includes the so called predator.

The majority of our past was inclined towards magical mindsets..druids..priesthood of egypt...shamanism and so on.

Every part of these delved into the unseen parts of what we percieve the hidden.

People don't understand what there able to create...

I leave everyone with a question...did we create this predator?
Is there a heirachy of predators?
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