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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My friends I have something significant to contribute.

I have seen this "Predator" and he's more tangible than you are alluding. Calling him the Predator is perfect because his image is almost identical to the character from the movie, perhaps minus the mouth.

The one thing I can correct you on is that, no all those references are not specifically about him but they are related in so far that he uses the reptilians. The reptilians which are service-to-self mostly only obey him out of fear.

Their are many of him here (or just refractions of 1, like cells of one body), and I believe they are referred to as the Orion Crusaders in the LawOfOne.info llresearch.org information

How did I encounter him? Let me refer to this passage from llresearch where the best and only 1 of 2 genuine adept channelers I will vouch for provided this:

G: S, from Canada, has a question. S says, “There are a lot of people taking hallucinatory drugs. Many of them report that it helped them to open their mind in new ways. Others get very frightened and never do them again. Please explain what is happening to a person when they are under the influence of one of these drugs and if it is harmless and/or beneficial. If you could speak specifically about LSD, mushrooms and salvia divinorum [9] I would appreciate it.”

We are those of Q’uo, and we are aware of the query of the one known as S. My brother, the question of the use of hallucinatory substances is not so much a spiritual question as it is a physical question. Further, it is not possible to offer one answer, for everyone who would take a given dosage of LSD, mushrooms or salvia shall experience that dosage in a unique way based upon his body type, his sensitivity and the many aspects of personality and energy, in terms of vital energy, physical energy, emotional energy and so forth, that come together to create that moment when the dosage is taken.

In general, my brother, such substances remove obstacles to the seeing of a fuller reality. How this will work for one person is impossible to predict and whether that dosage exceeds that entity’s ability to integrate the experience is also impossible to predict. Thus it is that “experimenting with drugs” is called such accurately. It is indeed an experiment.

We would never deny that it is often such enhanced experiences that give a new seeker the impetus towards awakening and seeking outside the limits of his birth and culture. We would also not deny that there are many whose experiences have not been positive ones, and when this occurs, it is because, as we said, the power of the experience is too great for the circuitry, speaking in a metaphysical sense, of that entity at that time.

There are some entities whose circuitry is already perfectly adjusted to finer realities and when such entities receive a dose of this enhancement it has a tendency not to affect them at all. There are others who have naturally sturdy energy bodies who are able to accept a great deal of enhanced light moving through the energy body without its creating any problems with their internal wiring, shall we say.

Then there are those who have been working with a reasonably good wattage, but a low amperage, so that as long as experience flows in a non-enhanced manner, all is well, but when the high-amp light moves through the energy body, as the result of the chemical reactions of the physical body to the substances, there is an overactivation of the wiring and it breaks.

When a fuse blows in an energy system for your house, for instance, it is simply a matter of taking out the bad fuse and putting in a new fuse and restarting the electrical system. However, it is not possible to do that with the energy body. When there is a hole blown in the wiring, it is often a matter of some years before the energy body is able to knit back together the circuitry involved.

This circumstance is often described by this instrument as “having a hole blown in your aura.” When this occurs, naturally it is considered to be a very unfortunate thing and in some cases there have been situations where there was never the possibility in that incarnation and on the level of that circuitry of mending that circuitry entirely.

Consequently, we would not presume either to encourage or discourage your desires for experience, but we would simply wish you to be aware that there is no way to judge a safe dosage or a proper dosage of such enhancing chemicals. There is only your estimate as to the condition of your wiring internally, metaphysically speaking, and the circumstances which surround your use of these substances.

We apologize for not being able to speak concerning specific drugs and their actions upon you. However, from our point of view it is impossible because of the fact that not only are you unique but you are not the same entity today that you will be tomorrow. There are many cycles of energy that are moving through you at all times and the combinations are nearly infinite. Consequently, were we able to become utterly familiar with your wiring and so forth, we still could not speak to the specific effects of a specific chemical upon your system.

May we answer you further, my brother? We are those of Q’uo.

Thank you, Q’uo. I’m sure S will enjoy your answer.

D: I have a quick follow-up to that, if it’s okay.

We are those of Q’uo, and would welcome your query, my brother.

D: Would it be possible for you to say if these chemicals generally make one more vulnerable to psychic greetings?

We are those of Q’uo, and are aware of your query, my brother. To those who are ignorant, there is much less challenge or resistance, shall we say, than to those who have received light. With each honor comes a duty. When you have asked to learn more and have taken substances which are designed to increase the amount of light that you have seen, then you are responsible for the light that you have seen.

As you glow more brightly, you shall attract more attention from those whose delight is in putting out the light that they perceive, or at least putting it to use for their purposes. Therefore, my brother, in general, the answer is yes.

May we answer you further, my brother? We are those of Q’uo.

D: That’s great.

Now let me get to the meat of what I have to say. I experimented with Salvia extracts 5 or so times, anyone else who has had this profound experience will know how real it is, and if you read the above quoted passage you'll understand how it is so.

The last time, I used the most powerful extract thus far which was 30x(completely legal then even maybe still so in most states).

Unlike the other profound experiences, this one was even more serious. After exhaling here came the trip and enter men in my house where the walls should have been, but only torso up, their bottom halves were not visible in this plane, but they were reptilian. It took me two months to realize that, because I had read of the lizard threads and David dIcke briefly and just laughed it off, paid no attention that one was even too far out for me. At this moment in time during this experience I thought they were maybe African, their skin was ashy grey, but guess what? They aren't what got my attention. While they were stationary and not animated, I only saw a fixed sprite of them with their gaze toward an entity that was animated and he was violently throwing his hands towards like doing a magic spell, he was 15 feet away and standing still, each tug of his arms brought me towards him like I was standing on a stage and each time he pulledit was like I was on a conveyor belt and I was brought towards him.

During all this I was so bewildered I wasn't terribly frightened, I thought this is just how it was and all reality was going with me. He looked exactly like the character from the move Predator. He had at least two ashy white, sort of albino African-like skin is the closet my mind could relate to these beings, lizard men surrounding me.

I felt a field around me, with it being anchored by the un-animated lizard men(they look like a human bred with a raptor from jurassic park, imagine a human with a head of the raptor).

I realize he was using them in a "spell" or whatever you wan t to call it to influence me, though I didn't physically see this field I knew it was there because I could feel it and when I regained my free will and recognized I was still in my house and coming back to my senses I step up and over the field and the experience completely ended.

I didn't know what to think, some of the furniture in my home was all moved in that direction, chairs wedge under the table and such in the center of where this was all taking place. I was overwhelmed and went to bed to bed and tried to erase it from my mind.

I didn't want to think of this experience. This was over 2 years ago and since then I've research majorly about the topic of astral parasites and I've seen others in my awaking moments(the in-between sleep and waking moment) I've seen what I best think are floating symbols or artifacts of someone remote viewing me and a grey. I even saw the title of this thread and almost clicked on it because the name "Predator" drew my attention but I didn't what to stir up that in my mind and also I thought it probably wasn't about this.

After now reading it, I see the content and I whole heartily agree but must correct you that there are variety on that side of the charge, the negative. Most of the greys, lizards and the whole band work on the behalf of the Orion Crusaders(The Predator) in this galaxy and right now the game is being played on Earth.

Anyway, what I think was happening is I was on the verge of leaving this density for an adventure in the 4th density and her came the Predator to gobble me up using his minions. They only obey him because they are scared if they don't, while us of the positive vibration, which on this planet in this galaxy can be referred to as The Galactic Confederation of Light or Angels and Planets in Service to the Infinite One Creator. We are the positive, they the negative. It takes both to complete the circuit. They are the universe(creator) playing their role, we play ours, in the end we are One and has the "Hidden Hand" said, have a good laugh when it's all over with and we are back at Source.

The positive path is straight, while the negative is a very winding road but is necessary to complete the circuit and create work. Other wise there would be no movement which the negative and we couldn't get back home.

Thank you for this thread, for many I hope they do not take what I type here serious if they wish, but those who are seekers and resonate and fell my sincerity, I spoke thusly.

Peace and Love to all of light and all it's distortions!

All is well and we are in some kind of adventure. We are the creator who split himself up into a "manyness" and are thickly veiled in this Universe by choice of the Logos, or the Great Central Sun Alcyone or "Zion"

You have helped me understand a little bit better, I hope I have done returned the same!
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