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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle andreidita
Post Content
Not really.

The concern I have is the acquisition of a theory to be held as a belief system. This goes against everything that Krishnamurti suggested.

Following the teaching of Krishnamurti, no belief system is any better than any other belief system. The theories of the monotheistic religions are, in terms of thought, no better or worse than the Buddhist theories.

It is all thought; all created by the consciousness of the "self"/'thinker' for the purpose of maintaining the temporal continuity of the "self".

'Three Dimensions of Consciousness' is not any theory about consciousness. It is not something that I would have you believe. (Just like there are three states of water: ice, water and steam. That is not any belief. That is something that can readily be observed.) It is a description of consciousness. It is not Popper-falsifiable any more than the three states of water are Popper-falsifiable. It is a summary of observations.

The body and its sensations and perceptions and emotions and behaviors are part of the "self"; meanwhile, the soul or the spirit is not something that can be directly observed. It is a thought used to maintain the existence of the "self". Same goes for such things as "immortality".

Krishnamurti talks about the observation of thought, or the observation of the 'thinker'.

I have taken that as a template, and taken it backwards in time another step, for the observation of the "self".

By the "observing consciousness".

 Quoting: 4Q529

i guess you are aware that you have a very abstract take upon things. although you seem to explicitly seemto deny this, by saying that your distinction it's not a theory (and i agree to what you said in this respect), nevertheless what you transmit are mainly abstract meanings.

if you would give basic examples in which those 3 states could be unmistakenly observed, likewise one could show to a kid water,ice and stem, then it would all be clear.

but reading through your posts i could not clearly find the difference between 'the thinker' and 'the self' as two distinct states of counsciousness.

without all these abstract terms,maybe it would be easier if you wouldpoint to particular experiences and feelings that exemplify those states
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