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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Of what use is a "concept"?

There are eleventy gazillion concepts about consciousness.

How is one any different than another?

They all have approximately the same 'value'.

They are all thought.

The function of thought is to preserve the temporal continuity of the "self", which is a dualistic consciousness.

We do not need another concept about consciousness.

What we need is an ability to observe the dualistic consciousness and the precise mechanisms which lead to conflict and violence.

Holding to another concept of consciousness will not, in any way, resolve the problems originating in duality.

This is what Krishnamurti was talking about.

 Quoting: 4Q529

Your wasting your time trying to look into every angle of meaning...be it the word concept or it's connotation.

I said words won't do it justice, but the original outlay of creation was built on geometric values.

You won't find your answers in buddist or hindu cultures.
They didn't know the whole vision or platform of creation.

That I can say for certain.

You can reference anyone you wish...you won't find the answers you seek.

To resolve the problems that you state...the answer lies in the conscious grid...this grid is the blueprint of the geometries that bring creation into existence.

Every other concept in it's field is just play time...what ever that entails.
 Quoting: mysterynomore
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1370992

There can be no geometrization of space without, first, the 'movement' of self-reflection to create the 'spatiality' of the consciousness of the "self", which is then projected upon sensations and perceptions of the space-time reality. In other words, there must be a consciousness or an observer of some kind that observes that geometrization.

Of course, all of that satisfies the images of the "self", which is why most people are satisfied with that and stop looking, having found the answer that is pleasurable to them.

 Quoting: 4Q529

In Geometric there is no self, it is the creation of all. Unconditional love. Sacred Geometric, also unites logic with intuition, working together.

Why would people want to stop, when they know they can go further.
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