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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
as so often in this forum, interesting topics draw people with different frames of reference, different levels of understanding.

and what can always be easily observed is a much too small effort put to reach a convergence of consciousness in communication. makes one wonder why people bother.

"the canon "By thy god" must be applied in life, practically on every step. During each conversation, when there is no unity of consciousnesses, our first duty is not to infuriate our companion by contradiction and censure of his convictions, but, starting with his best possibilities and considering the level of his consciousness, we should gradually and patiently broaden his horizon. Thus, speaking with a Moslem, you will not begin by praising Lord Buddha or demeaning Mohammed, but you will interchange with him all that is beautiful in his religion, and when opportunity arises, you will explain more deeply and broadly the meaning of some sayings of Mohammed that have entered the treasury of world wisdom. Thus you will also do in any other situations in life. You will not speak with an avid chauvinist against his country, but you will discover the best expressions and qualities of his nation, and you will point out to him new ways for developing its particular qualifications. Your breadth of understanding of national beliefs will smooth over the factor of chauvinism and, unexpectedly for him, his limited consciousness will begin to respond to the note of containment. And so, one should learn to carry on timely conversations without animosity but evaluating your companion with friendliness. Precisely, carry them on with PATIENCE and respect for your adversary, not permitting irritation, derision, and other unworthy means. And in each conversation one should know how to sacrifice one's self, one's knowledge, and not to boast of one's enlightenment. Remember that it is said in the Teaching that only a pompous ignorance loves to spread on window sills the dry, small twigs of its knowledge, but he who truly knows does not fear to snip off a piece of his knowledge when it can oppress and humiliate his companion. In this manner, the canon "By thy God" is merely a manifestation of selflessness, without which nothing can be achieved"
 Quoting: andreidita

Nicely said, but.....

You hurt my feelings, your post has nothing to do with me.

A seed bearer has no control on how another person reacts to the seed that was planted, even though bearer wished no harm.
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