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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle andreidita
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 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 12451645

saturn has a nice connection with the topic of this thread. as a matter of fact there is a funny experience regarding this:

i'll tell a chance encounter from last summer at a festival.

there was a guy who was discussing with my friends, he had two pentagrams tattooed on the front of his shoulders one with 33 inside one with 22, and a big seven on the arm, and sun glasses

his voice inflexion was strange, not in a foreign speaker accent kind a way.

so i asked him "where are you from"

he replied " i am from Saturn"

in that moment my subtle awareness got activated instantly

i focused in the christ energy, i touched the pentagram with 22 on his left shoulder saying

"i am from here. from venus"

he replied:

"oh, so we are being sincere. then, to be honest i am not exactly from saturn. i am from a certain constelation. and i think you know which one"
and he continued showing his teeth "but maybe you want to be certain" and he put off his sun glasses fixating my gaze.

after we gave our little check i said to him:

"after all there is only one god"

he replied: " i do not agree with this"

but he quickly added:

"it is true. on this planet there is only one god. in this solar system there is also only one god. but in the entire universe there also other gods"

so yes saturn is a portal of intergalactic travel and linear time trap device.

it is used by those spirits of that certain constellation, who bow to another god (a.k.a satan) than the true god of this system to enter our plane.

they know their time is quickly running out and they are in a rush to take as many souls as they can through their voyage back home

the christ spirit has already arrived in the astral plane and he is cleansing it from the dark energies that almost reached the point totally engulfing light, prior to his coming
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