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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"To me the question doesn't make sense. It is like asking prisoners what the prison would be like if there were no guards. There would be no prison. People would live in harmony with nature."

nature as in physical wildlife?

if the predator hijacks the mind then what would the mind do without being hijacked?

it is almost as if none of this physical reality could not exist without the predator, maybe the predator is an ingredient which without it there would be nothing?

it might not be so "evil", it might be required for something to become from nothing.

in order to determine something to be good or bad a judgement is required.

just thinking aloud..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29203778

To be one with Mother is to be one with Nature, and all the beautiful gifts she offers, healing, increased intuition, auras etc. Though we will still be grounded, as the Yin Yan exist on planet Earth

To be one with Father, one must learn the art of love, thy neighbor and enemies to be truly free. When we learn to love and forgive our lower spirit, we give him light. When we do that, he awakens little by little, and starts to move towards the light. The light is that of our root chakra, as he enters it he & you will cry and repent together, to the Father.

To save your lower being one must need an anchor to keep you grounded, or else we go to the psyche ward. God have given each one of us a Soul Mate, or a Twin Flame. A Soul Mate is the opposite of you in every way, but we you unite the hands both of you become balanced. One goes high, and one stays below holding the rope. It kinda of sucks for the one to stay on the ground, not so. Since the two energies are connected, the one on the ground picks up everything as the one above.

So yes! we do need some negativity to exist, on Earth, but the negative can be harnessed.

Once free, Heaven on Earth, with love and God being your ultimate guide, miracles are in the works.

Love is the answer.

That's what my take is.
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