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Message Subject Predator of Consciousness
Poster Handle Focused_Intent
Post Content
nature as in physical wildlife?

if the predator hijacks the mind then what would the mind do without being hijacked?

it is almost as if none of this physical reality could not exist without the predator, maybe the predator is an ingredient which without it there would be nothing?

it might not be so "evil", it might be required for something to become from nothing.

in order to determine something to be good or bad a judgement is required.

just thinking aloud..
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29203778

No not nature as in wild life. I mean our true nature of love and compassion. People of the past used to speak telepathically and perform feats that have become myths and legends of today. If the mind was not hijacked you would have no reason to create pain and suffering.

The predator does not create this physical reality, we do. It simply manipulates our creation to its own end. Or to say it another way the predator can't create anything so it has to manipulate us into creating what it wants. That is why you don't see the predator walking around. It is not of this physical world or this dimension.
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