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Message Subject That's it I'm done with all this Illuminati conspiracy bull shit! It's all lies!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Illuminati is not a code word for Jews...dude seriously? Most of the shit they have in Muslim countries against Jews, are identical to the stuff the nazis posted, if anything they\'re trying to kick start albert pikes plan for ww3 between the Jews and Muslims
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 322602

yes i agree islam is a nazi doctirine their propaganda is very similar to the nazis, guess thats why king mufti of palastine sided with hitler against the jews,also hammas salute is a seig heil, i didnt say that propaganda doesnt go back longer in time i just used a more modern example to show that the original fairly small group from the 1800s have had their history warped into propaganda supporting the nazis ie secret jewish bankers taking over world, taking over hollywood,taking over everything, this is being pepetuated by various nazi groups ie islam ,golden dawn,bnp,kkk,hammas,iran,hezbollah,wahabists the list is long . most things on the internet have been warped to fit an alternative agenda. all im saying is be a bit more discerning after all remember people are always trying to influence you to there point of view even me,but it comes down to motive,me my motive is for people to retain there ability for honest and open discernment of infomation put before them so that they can make a choice for themselves and not be unduly influnced by deciet into becoming something they essentialy they are not,remember tptb have ruled the masses for thousands of years by one trick,divide and conquer, to keep us squabbling amoungst ourselves.please stop doing there work for them its how they retain control through us policing each other.in my hand i hold a white diamond which represents all of us,it is so beautiful if only all could see that beauty.....
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