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Message Subject That's it I'm done with all this Illuminati conspiracy bull shit! It's all lies!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
\"All this illuminati and masonic stuff is most likely a diversion serving many purposes.

If me and some friends in a few years realised we had more money than most governments, and we were evil people only wanting more power for our future bloodlines, \"world domination\", what would we do?

1. Buy people in high positions that can help you hide your doings.
2. Get them to create financial systems where you never get audited.
3. Start some mystical esotheric society where your goals of world domination for your family/bloodline are the same as this cult\'s goals.
4. When you after some hundred years own your own military, intelligence agencies, news media and so on, it is not so difficult to stear the world towards your goal.
5. Your followers, or the sheeple that worships a belief system with the same goal, will be even more strengthened when they see their God having all this success in the world arena.
6. Invent a lot of new diversions for the masses so that they don\'t revolt by simply taking to the streets, but instead get occupied with strange theories about Gods and Devils, aliens and demons, praying and meditation, etc.

TPTB is probably nothing more than a criminal generational mafia that got hold of enough money once to buy the mightiest governments at that time. After that, everything was possible.\"

Petty much stop on.
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