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Message Subject That's it I'm done with all this Illuminati conspiracy bull shit! It's all lies!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
LOL, the majority of posters on glp will be the ones screaming I give up dont take my Xbox please, give their life to save mankind? Haha

I know we are being lied to, NO SHIT, but if its according to plan, then how do they keep it gong? Who is the main drive behind this? People get old and die, their views change, and theres no guarantee their offspring is going to go along with some utopian sinister plan written up by some drunks in wigs and tights in Bavaria

Something like the nwo woult take 200-300 years to accomplish, that's impossible, there's too many inconsistencies with this, and not enough human resources or guaranteed cooperation
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 27631231

Their views don't change because the penalty for
that is death.

Their children are bred as heirs by deliberation
and properly propagandized to the family trust, even
if that takes a little SRA.

Most of their helpers in the professional community
are ensnared by bribe or coercion after a party.

They have lots of parties, and invite outsiders they've
set their sights on. Initially you think they are your
best friends. They set you up with business loans,
clientele, etc. Then you owe them.

It works very much like the mafia, only they are
overt Satanists, practice numerology etc.

Google Aaron Russo. Deceased. Cathy O'Brien. In hiding.

They don't care how long it takes to get what they
want. They make multi-generational plans as a matter of
course. They are inbred, which produces genius most of
the time. They eat the idiot infants that are born
from time to time, believing that
they absorb youth from it, and also select
infant delicacies from CPS in the US. They use mind
controlled slaves.

Stay away. Hold fast to Christ your redeemer who is
their enemy.

Any who are with them, escape and turn to Christ if you
possibly can, even if it is only in your heart. Like
anyone, you can escape the circumstances of your birth.
You are loved in truth.
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