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Subject Question to the Illuminati. Are you understanding the media numerology?
Poster Handle completejigsaw
Post Content
Have you noticed the 7 changing to the 8 and the proliferation of the number 100? Do you, like me, know what that signifies?
Are you also receiving the messages, like me, in respect of every car number plate that passes, telephone numbers, numbers of planes or train carriages, numbers of seats that you sit on? Etc. etc. etc.
There will be NO anti Christ for it/he has already been found out and defeated like the illusionary dragon. Can't you see what the change in Popes means and also the change in the Archbishop of Canterbury? It is the coming together. The fantastic thoughtfulness of Pope Francis with his meeting with the excellent Pope Benedict should show you that there will not be a future anti Christ. EVERYTHING, of course, was organised by 'HIM' the 'ALMIGHTY'.
Please, if you need help in understanding 'HIS' messages then be in touch.
Believe in 'HIM' as 'HE' believes in you.
Bless you
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