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Message Subject Updated - photos of alleged alien females I have debunked the last photo! - Charles Hall scientist from A51 interviewed Re working with ET's
Poster Handle InCogNeatOh
Post Content
No doubt this is true. Here is more info to add, excellent read. Authentic. Fits with what I know.

[link to www.drboylan.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29184782

the grammar in that is horrible. credibility to that link is none existent
 Quoting: Epicbiscuit

Here's the deal, shill twerp. Dr. Boylan is highly credible. The article is full of credible information with multiple witnesses.

I know these things to fit in with my own experience and knowledge.

As for you, there must be a jr. high slow class you are missing from.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29184782

Excuse me but Richard Boylan is NOT highly credible at all.

He is pretty much banned from all UFO conferences because he is well known for trying to have sexual relations with abductees he hypnotises. He has also repeatedly been caught planting suggestions during his sessions.

And then after he finally claimed to be the ONLY authorised ET contact on Earth for some confederation - we all realised he was totally nuts.

NOBODY except for complete NOOBS has ANY respect for ANYTHING Richard Boylan says or claims.

Even Project Camelot, who are known for NOT fact checking anything or anybody, won't have anything to do with this guy.

Boylan is a liar and a fraud, who fabricates stuff.

There are plenty of genuine researchers out there, but Boylan is not one of them.

Whoever you are, you obviously don't know squat about anything in the UFO movement.
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