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Message Subject Updated - photos of alleged alien females I have debunked the last photo! - Charles Hall scientist from A51 interviewed Re working with ET's
Poster Handle Ozicell
Post Content
OMG you watched 6 mins of a TV Breakfast Show, and you come up with this?

What pathetic drivel. What desperate and stupid logic.

LOL - I know primary school children who have better analytical skills than you do.

Go read his books before displaying your ignorance in public.
 Quoting: InCogNeatOh

Why so angry?

He does make a good point, the Grey's have a name. Why didn't he call the tall whites Nordics? Isn't that the name of their species?

Perhaps it isn't, but they would have a name no? I wouldn't live with Asian's for two years and call them short yellow people?

Having said all that, it's refreshing to see this covered on NZ Television.
 Quoting: exportgoldman

He does not make a good point at all. He calls bullshit on a genuine case just because the guy doesn't announce the name of their species? You call THAT evidence of bullshit?

He was on TV for six minutes, answering questions about something that took over 2 years, and THAT is your logic for doubt?

WTF is wrong with you people?
 Quoting: InCogNeatOh

Don't get your nickers in a knot - I take it as a compliment that the shills are here but they had better UP the quality of their nay-saying coz it's just making THEM look like idiots! cheers
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