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Message Subject Updated - photos of alleged alien females I have debunked the last photo! - Charles Hall scientist from A51 interviewed Re working with ET's
Poster Handle Ozicell
Post Content
No doubt this is true. Here is more info to add, excellent read. Authentic. Fits with what I know.

[link to www.drboylan.com]
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 29184782

So, there are allegedly Tall White Aliens and Saami, according to the link provided above (thnx poster).

In the notes from the link, we can surmize the following (if true which is still in doubt and not credible)

1. Aliens are resident on Earth.
2. Aliens are working with the military.
3. Aliens are receiving other aliens to 'study' american life and people.
4. Aliens have specific locations in the US and Europe which govts and military have agreed not to venture into.
Aliens have shared technology and other things with govt and mil in exchange fir being left alone.
5. Aliens claim to have been here before humans.
6. Aliens have spawned their offspring by 'marrying' and having intercourse with humans.
7. Aliens have taken mil. Generals on space rides to the moon and revealed bases and Generals have returned 'laughing like children whi have been to Disneyland' as stated in the link, or words to that effect.

All I want to know is WHAT THE FUCK HAS BEEN GOING ON???

Govt. and Mil. Have taken technology and allowed unknown space creatures to enter the airspace of humanity and allowed them to go unchecked without attacking or defending the planet, allowing them as fallen angels to mate with humans and in exchange for leaving the abominations alone have received technology that they have then used in countless wars against humans and used it for nefarious control and destruction of our own civilization, up to and including changing/manipulating the planet, bio-eco system so these evil fucktards can live in sub-zero climates that are more 'akin' to the plantery conditions of the bastards while these alien fucktards just stood by and watched?????????

And now, through links like the one given and other official top secret cleared individuals, they are slowly releasing this information into the mainsatream in the hope that humans will accept these criminals/enemies against humanity that have no right to be here as they have deliberately flouted cosmic and universal laws?

This is outrageous and goes to show that these aliens and those who allowed them to operate here have commited serious crimes against humanity for their own gains.

If these miscreants exist then there must be other aliens who disagree with their presence here, and understand just how they have manipulated humanity and if such aliens who follow the universal laws do exist, I can only hope that they eradicate all races that have arrived and taken this world by technological shock and awe.

These aliens are a threat and I trust humanity awakens from its slumber to reclaim earth with the other alien races who no doubt have been monitoring this infiltration into humanity.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 37095248

This ^^ hf
 Quoting: Ozicell

I agree with all stated bar this.

I'm not sure if i agree with the whites being a threat to us. They seem to have a very basic understanding of life yet extreme tech advancements, i find an odd combination. But never the less, i dont see any harm intended from what Ive researched, they do not condone the secrecy regarding their existence, and seem to have some kind of moral code or ethics about them.

I do however completely disagree with the way the government and military have gone about this.
 Quoting: sssss

As with ALL races just as we see here on Earth, there are good and bad, enlightened and unenlightened. It seems to me that IF those ET's working with the military to advance science and tech. are good, then they have their own agenda for the betterment of mankind which the military are either unaware of or are using in the hope that when push comes to shove, the military will come out on top - which of course would be a pipe dream.

So I am not totally convinced that the ET's working for or with the establishment are all bad but I guess time will tell.

Meanwhile I AM convinced that there ARE benevolent ET's who DO have our best interests at heart.

We live in interesting times! hf
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