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Message Subject Updated - photos of alleged alien females I have debunked the last photo! - Charles Hall scientist from A51 interviewed Re working with ET's
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[link to au.tv.yahoo.com]

Follow the link - this has just aired!

These are photos of 3 of the alleged aliens female working at Pine Gap. The 1st and 2nd may be the same woman but from a slightly different angle. They ALL show similarities in features but I am not ruling out Photoshop either. Just posting for comparison's sake. Anyone got photos of the males that are supposed to be there? If so, please post or at least a link. Thanks!

:Alien girl 2::Alien girl 3::Alien girl 1:
 Quoting: Ozicell

Where did you find the last two??
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36166435

The last girl is from the video and the second last was from
Thread: Two leaked photo's of Alien ET "Anunnaki" Women come from same place! Pine Gap! (Page 2)

I hadn't seen either of them before!
 Quoting: Ozicell

I am the one who began that other thread, Thank you for spreading the message and I had nevber seen that 2nd photo but thank you.

As you see I am the one who also wrote the SAALM are very real, as is the ACIO, I know because I am also in contact with them, I am a Human/Anunnaki hybrid myself.

Here is some more info on the original photo..

This particular photo has a story behind it, which I need to tell. It was taken by Dr. Bordon in a meeting in Puerto Rico. This particular LPG-C member, whom of course knew about their existence from earlier annual meetings, was surprised to meet four of these beings in the Puerto Rico gathering. Bordon told me that these beings were taller than humans, but not tremendously taller; somewhere between 6 to 7 feet. They look like albinos, with white, kinky hair, which they sometimes wear long and sometimes short (like in Figures 9a and 9b). Their eyes are red when seen in certain light, and the red eyes in this picture is the only thing that has been manipulated, according to LPG-C. The picture was not meant to come in public domain, and certainly not on the Internet; only for circulation between the LPG-C scientists, The eye color was enhanced to emphasize their real eye color, which did not come out well on the original photo.
Although I felt I had established a relationship with the LPG-C, and especially with Dr. A.R. Bordon, I was skeptic at first when I saw the photo, because I did a search on the Internet and could easily find the photo on different websites. Some even suggested it was a photoshop job of the Polish model, Anja Rubic (fig. 10).
Figure 10: The Polish model, Anja Rubic
I decided to send the alleged Anunnaki female photo to two different photoshop experts. The first one wants to be anonymous, but the second one was Barbara Brown, aka Wiolawa ( [link to wiolawapress.com),] of Native Indian descendent, whom in my opinion has done amazing research into the exopolitical scene, mostly by using Photoshop as a tool. More often than not, she's been right on! I didn't mention anything about what I'd been told about this photo.
In both cases they came back with the same answer: this person is not totally human, but a hybrid. Wiolawa even said she seemed to have some kind of "overlay". Reptilian? We'll see...
Anja Rubic, on the other hand, having quite some similarities in looks with the Anunnaki female, is not the same person. The observant reader can see that if s/he looks carefully, but one may ask if Ms. Rubic may actually be an Anunnaki hybrid as well? I will left that question hanging, and if someone wants to look into that, it may be worth the effort.
LPG-C guarantees that this is how the earth-bound females look like, and they tell me they know this from face-to-face encounters, and also by using Extra Neurosensing (ENS) remote viewing.
To complete the story about the photo of the Anunnaki female, it was stolen (and I know this to be fact) from LPG-C by an impostor, who joined the group, pretending to do so with the best of intentions. He joined under the name Roy W. Gordon. The photo was supposedly taken in 2006, and some time in 2008, Roy Gordon stole it (and other sensitive information) and escaped. The photo was later posted on the Internet by the organization that Gordon was/is a member of: S.A.A.L.M. or the ACIO/NSA (National Security Agency), located in Pine Gap, Australia, known for its huge amount of Reptilian sightings[18], and also one of the major bases for Marduk associated Intelligence Agencies. S.A.A.L.M. stands for "Supreme Annunaki Assembly of Lord Marduk". Fig. 11 below is showing the S.A.A.L.M. version of the Anunnaki female:
Figure 11: The S.A.A.L.M. publication of the same Anunnaki female, stolen from LPG-C
(click on image to enlarge).
The information added to this photo in form of text is inaccurate and part of a disinformation campaign by Marduk's Pine Gap faction, according to LPG-C. S.A.A.L.M., a department of NSA, was also involved in a smear campaign against James Casbolt, the MI6 whistle-blower and mind controlled slave, when he decided to go public. They managed to discredit him to such an extent that Casbolt had to pull his website, casbolt.com, a few years ago. We will spend more time on S.A.A.L.M. and their possible connection with the top secret Labyrinth Group within the NSA in a special section of this paper.
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