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Message Subject Updated - photos of alleged alien females I have debunked the last photo! - Charles Hall scientist from A51 interviewed Re working with ET's
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
none of the pictures resemble what they look like

tall white are described in the following contrary ways

their eyes are approx 2x the size of human eyes.

their eyes are more displaced the edges of human eyes.

the descriptions states they are more muscular than humans,

they are not telepathic, but they do have the ability to use electronics to read your mind and put images ideas in your mind but only when you are relaxed. again they are not telepathic.

their skin colour is as white as a sheet of paper, yet when you adjust the brightness and contrast to compensate for over exposure you get a normal human skin colour, albeit a pale one.

the only tall whites that have pink eyes are the males who are very old. females have blue eyes, always.

btw they also have 4 digits on their hands not 5 like us.
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