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Message Subject Updated - photos of alleged alien females I have debunked the last photo! - Charles Hall scientist from A51 interviewed Re working with ET's
Poster Handle Ozicell
Post Content

I remember reading some responses from you on a thread a year or so ago. It was the when where you mention Roy Gordon and was the first I'd heard of the ACIO and S.A.A.L.M. I remember pursuing it a bit further and it was pretty fucked up. Marduk exists in anthropomorphised form and is pulling the strings.Also the labyrinth group reference rings a bell so I will have to get digging again. Btw I have seen these photos several times and I still find them mesmerising. Thanks for the thread.

Edit to add I think I remember the emails you got from Roy Gordon and maybe even a photo. Can you dig them out?

 Quoting: Sir France's Beercan

The message I got from Roy Gordon was on my blog.

They appeared on a post I had made on 23 July 2009 called Lucid Dream. Roy Gordon's messages were made between 27 March 2010 and 16 April 2010. Each of the messages links back to porn sites which as I understand is not unusual for him. Probably covering his tracks. You can read his comments and my replies at this link to my blog.

[link to ozicell.blogspot.com.au]

[link to ozicell.blogspot.com.au]
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