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Message Subject Updated - photos of alleged alien females I have debunked the last photo! - Charles Hall scientist from A51 interviewed Re working with ET's
Poster Handle Ozicell
Post Content
In the descriptions of these photo's, it is stated that the race of alien is SAM-Nordic-Tall White

How many people actually know that the "Anunnaki" is a title we gave them, meaning those who from the heaven came, that is NOT what they call themselves.

There own name for their own race is the "SAM"

Not many people on this Earth know that.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 36586770

I wonder is SAM has a meaning or is it just what they call themselves? Also, I wonder if they originate from one place or inhabit several places throughout the cosmos?

Thanks for pointing this out, although I had read it, it hadn't sunk in. hf

BTW, you can see that the third picture's description says Species: Nam Nam. This is a reference to the name of the model of whom this picture is taken - she is not an alien.
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