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Message Subject Social Networking and The Ego
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This generation also has an issue with ego because of their parents. Social networking is destroying what little humanity and compassion we have left and creating MEMEMEME monsters. It's supposed to be social yet all it does is keep us locked up in a non-face to face social atmosphere. Unfortunately I also believe that some people are living a fake life and posting it on FB to make their real life seem better.

Back to the parents. Curious how Zuck was raised. The parents have told them from day one how perfect they are. Look how pretty you are! Look at you! You are so wonderful! You can do anything. Never telling the child when they actually did something wrong. Never disciplining. Never setting boundaries. Allowing the child to walk all over them. Allowing the child to do whatever they want including destroying other peoples property and then telling the property owner. "It's okay, how else is Aiden supposed to know what the flowers in the dirt feel like?" After her child tore up your flower bed, instead of apologizing and making the child do the same. (Not a real story, just an example.)In your first lessons you teach your kids don't touch. Especially other peoples things. There is a reason. It goes beyond physical but also spiritual. Don't touch other peoples things, including thoughts. Because they belong to them. Don't touch them, at least not without permission. Don't tell a person their thoughts are wrong because they are theirs, not yours. You can however share your thoughts and hope for the same respect back.

We give them whatever they want. WHATEVER they want. We give them toys with electronic bells and whistles from day one. They have something electronic in their hands from the beginning now. TV is a babysitter soon after birth. We start making them want to buy buy buy from birth. Their parents buy into it. Oh Olivia needs this new baby gap outfit to keep up with the other day care babies instead of my neighbors hand me downs. From birth, and it does not end. The keeping up with the Jones.

I could go on and on. It goes deeper than the internet. We had a generation of assholes raising another generation of assholes. Thankfully some of us slipped through the cracks and still give a damn about someone other than ourselves. I have an 18 year old daughter that thank god I had the balls to teach right from wrong. Find something outside of an electronic device to entertain her and forced her to THINK. Got toys from thrift stores from when I was a kid in the 70's that taught things instead of just occupy and entertain. Does anyone under 35 even know what the original Fisher Price Little People toys were like? We had a whole village full. My family still has them. My daughter played with them at the integral ages needed to use them to act out the world she saw around her. And books. What's a book? They don't even read real books anymore. Words on a book sized screen do not a book make. The story might still be there but it's not a book.

Forget the Jones.....I'd rather keep up with the jetsons.

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