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Message Subject Social Networking and The Ego
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is a very important subject that I feel we can open a much larger forum on. With the billion(s) now of Facebook, as a professional, I see a very large gap between those who are unconsciously using social media platforms for various reasons.

This idea of interconnectedness is a great subject that I would like open up a dialog on as a professional wishing to seek deeper insight on, while taking the opinions of those who use it frequently, and those who use it moderately, to those who are fully against the idea altogether.

I believe the platform to carry a very real mechanism for social change and a truly revolutionary way to join our species in a web of belief and thought.
Although I feel this is not the way we are using it. We are using it to entertain the ego, and nullify the spirit.
I will elaborate later if I receive a response that I feel is adequate in its expertise.

as always,

 Quoting: NoveLLL 36296449

What is your profession?

Your interest in this subject interests me greatly because myself and others have been speaking about the universal conscious for many months now here on this forum. It is a subject that has been growing quietly but increasingly and in the last several days exploded. It is in some obscure threads but out in the open too. Seek and ye shall find information a plenty.

You are correct in the thought that social networking can be used as a mechanism for change and it is being abused.

The very basic laws of:

Love thy neighbor as thyself.
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Have been thrown out the window in favor of love ONLY thyself. Most important truths are the most abused. Realize we are all connected and that everything you do affects everything else. Including what we all post on the internet.

Whoever has the most toys when they die does not win.
Trust me.
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