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Pin! Exclusive Interviews with Former Obama Food Taster Pin!

Anonymous Coward
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United States
03/25/2013 10:45 PM
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Pin! Exclusive Interviews with Former Obama Food Taster Pin!
WHD: Thank you for agreeing to talk to us.

Ken: It’s my pleasure. Please don’t give out my real name.

WHD: We won’t.

Ken: Thanks.

WHD: When were your intestines removed?

Ken: It was in November 2011. I had tasted a lamb kebab in Kabul that was marinated in liquid Drano. You know what they say about that stuff – don’t use it to unclog drains because it ruins the pipes.

WHD: Yes.

Ken: Needless to say, I was glad to take one for the team. But I’m missing half my intestines.

WHD: What was the president’s reaction?

Ken: He said, “Sorry about your intestines.”

WHD: I see. How did you get this job?

Ken: Well, there was an ad on Craigslist for a position. It said, “see the world, meet famous people, and eat their food.” I thought it meant that famous people would be cooking for me, so I signed up.

WHD: But once you realized what the job was . . .

Ken: Once I realized, it was like, Wow, Obama eats great food. I mean it’s like constant lobster, sushi, foie gras, Porterhouse steaks – I’m thinking, This is food to die for. You know, literally.

WHD: What was the worst part of the job, other than losing half your intestines?

Ken: Well, sometimes Michelle would insist on cooking.

WHD: I see. And you would have to taste her food as well?

Ken: The Secret Service thought it would be a good idea. They fight more than you realize.

WHD: And the food was . . .

Ken: Let’s just put it this way, she’s the first lady. She’s not the White House chef.

WHD: What was the process like. How does food tasting go down?

Ken: Well, just before the president eats, you go into the kitchen, where his plate has been piled with a little extra food. And then you eat some of the food – main course, side dishes, a little of everything. And then the Secret Service escorts you into a small room and watches you for five minutes to see if you die.

More at: [link to www.whitehousedossier.com]