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Comet ISON Will Destroy The Earth. Period.

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 12106563
United States
05/07/2013 03:30 PM
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Re: Comet ISON Will Destroy The Earth. Period.
thats right folks.

there is absolutely no chance for the survival of your specie. apon the arrival of this cluster of objects, the surface of your planet will be rendered unrecognizable and uninhabitable. your precious biosphere, on which you so humbly depend yet so arrogantly disregard, will be pummeled and obliterated by millions of metric tonnes of debris. per hour. the atmosphere will glow as the light of your feeble civilization is extinguished.

there are few amongst you who will survive the initial bombardment. many of your elite number have already become entrenched beneath the upper crust in some vain attempt to fortify themselves and their offspring. entire regions of economic wealth have been ransacked to provide an inordinate volume of food and material for this undertaking. in a bout of supreme selfishness, these few have deemed themselves and their survival of a higher priority than alerting their own race of its impending downfall.

the populous mass is being deliberately shielded from the catastrophic reality that looms over its immediate future. broadcast media continues its unrelenting monolouge, drowning out reason and understanding with a deafening roar of warped logic and irrational thinking. a dark irony unfolds as your specie, and all known terrestrial species, hurdle toward unparalelled disaster and insurmountable hardship. an entire planet is on the verge of sterilization and not one in your ranks has even approached this concept in its totality.

the distance between ISON and the local star is closing, as is the window of opportunity for you to formulate a solution to the most formidable problem you will confront during the remainder of your lifespan.
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