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Message Subject Anybody Else Interact With "Tall Whites" (Aliens)?
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Funny this is finally being mentioned. Ever since I was a little kid I'd been seeing ghosts of sorts, same with my entire family. Anyways, I was the only one that could see what I called the "blur people", everyone else could only see the shadow people. Anyways, as everyone knows, the shadow people would run along the walls and would sometimes stand still and sway. I've always felt that they were bad and even my niece, when she was really young, would say that they tried to turn her hands black in the dark. Now, the blur people were different. They were tall and moved in a very calm manner, completely relaxed. When I say "blur" I more mean like as if their form were lighter than the surrounding area, but was like a faded cloudlike bending of light. Basically like a faint blur. These guys would appear out of nowhere. They would appear sitting in my passenger seat when driving home from work and stay there the whole way. I tried talking to one of them, they never said anything. Late at night sometimes there would be a giant group of them sitting on the couches and chairs in the living room. Every time anyone would walk out there they would feel as if a hundred eyes were on them.

I've always felt that the shadows and blurs were "at war" with each other for some reason or another, as a type of "good and evil" like religion would state.

So after watching these videos on the "tall whites" it kinda struck me that maybe this is what they are talking about. Maybe they are cloaked or gaseous instead of solid, or maybe a left over dimensional image? I have no idea. Just thought I would share.
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