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Message Subject everything about this world is bullshit LIES
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
waiting for anything is a TRAP

the crazy label is another desperate ploy of the Matrix to get people conforming to the programming. i guess my companion got mentally ill on the same day back in 2005 when we could see the buildings in Vancouver looked like toy models. amazing how mental illness can strike 2 people at same time on same day.

you ain't gonna SEE it unless you've pulled out of the character role or FALSE self. the Matrix controls the False Self and the emotions and thoughts that go with it. once you pull out of the False Self you can SEE much more clearly what is going on.

everybody we meet is controlled by this "force"..call it Matrix Controllerr or whatever

you don't create your reality and everybody around you doesn't reflect you either..it tries to create that illusion also...it's all bullshit

once you see thru the game it only can resort to fucking with your money/rideshares/housing etc. and it will script people specifically to manipulate/control or deceive you

we just observe everything and SEE it happening and we're surprised by nothing anymore...

what this guy says about characters is accurate though other stuff seems strange:
[link to freeyourbrain.tripod.com]

the illuminatimatrix shit from bryan kemila seems to have truth in it also.....

i ain't buying the bulltinkle anymore

all the character performing does nothing. i feel nothing if someone praises me or insults me. i feel nothing if someone calls me crazy.

i'm in a state now that i would describe as a neutral calm and i don't fit in this world anymore...
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