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Message Subject everything about this world is bullshit LIES
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Instead of being indignant for being attacked merely for a growing awareness and a desire for those around us to become more aware; I have began to have a "compassion" for the attackers.

It really is beyond their conscious control and due to an external factor that they are enslaved to. I remember myself in a pre-awareness state and realize I have walked in the persecutors shoes.

I was one of those!

So one develops not only compassion for the unawakened but also a type of numb resistance to the attacks.

It gets repeated so often that we begin to recognize and even become accustomed to it; even managing to continue to grow despite the enormous pressure to destroy us.

Then we begin to see the assaults from a more impersonal standpoint. As we do, we notice the supernatural nature of the opposition. The strangeness of the concerted effort to eliminate us "the tumor"
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