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Message Subject everything about this world is bullshit LIES
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
User ID: 10058545,

this world isn't living. it's the land of the walking dead. all the attachments people have in this world are emotional attachments that maintain the hypnotic trance...drugs, alcohol, sex, love, money, status yada yada

you'll notice all attachments are emotional in nature and emotions are an ILL-U-Zion..they go with egoic character role and are scripted by the Matrix.

my point is if you're young i would advise processing and releasing the emotional kaka you've accumulated. by connecting current emotions to past emotional kaka you can connect dots and notice patterns in your life. by connecting the dots you cancel out the charges and get beyond the emotions and see them for the illusion that they are.

real eyes also that the thoughts in your head are scripted by the Matrix. where did you get that thought? why did that thought come in your head right now?

key also is to eliminate ALL downloading and programming..ALL beLIEfs will just keep you chasing your tail and all beliefs lead to nowhere..it's all bullshit in other words

the more you get to know you, as in the egoic character role (avatar), the more you can SEE how the Matrix scripts your world A to Z.

the problem for me developed once i pulled out of egoic character role...you see it controls your egoic thoughts and emotions but once you no longer identify with your given name and you move beyond emotions and your head is empty of thoughts..then the Matrix can't control you anymore...so it uses more those characters around you to "box you in"

i'd advise also to detach from most things in this world...this world is a can-die-store and the can-die-s presented are what keep people entranced. your desire for the can-dies is directly proportional to the emotional kaka..emotional kaka directly tied to trance state.
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