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Message Subject everything about this world is bullshit LIES
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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User ID: 34426154

you describe things pretty well.

i hate conceptualizing but here goes

perhaps this world is a one consciousness creation and we are all bits of consciousness. initially created as a paradise where we roamed freely in nature...then one day group thoughtforms created learn to control the rest...perhaps people like myself are a threat to those in the hypnotic trance who are enjoying their sleep...so the Matrix is a group-created protection to maintain the sleep state

whatever the case i've had personal interaction with this "force". it sees me as a threat that much i'm sure of. i'm not afraid of it or anything for that matter since i have no fear of the "death act".

this "force" definitely controls most people. i see it all the time.

once i had some guys i know visiting from illinois. we went into an electronics store. it was very busy store. we went to the cash register. there were about 10 cash registers and lots of people standing in line. i was telling the guys about characters and how i experience people just like what this guy says on this website [link to freeyourbrain.tripod.com] - what happened next was uber weird. there were at least 60 people waiting at the cash registers. when i was speaking about this stuff and about what the guy on that website talks about suddenly all 60 people EXACTLY at the same time all looked over at me with a peculiar look. that was the first time i clearly saw that a "force" controls everybody out there except for those who pull out of their egoic character role. it was creepy and beyond belief.

i can think of ann frank and it will be in the newspaper the next day. i can think of something and the guy we live with will script to talk about it. my life is like that 24/7

people who still resonate with their given names are BLIND to what is truly going on.
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