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Message Subject everything about this world is bullshit LIES
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
the gnostic stuff the same as don juan matus is my experience down to the last detail

[link to www.bibliotecapleyades.net]

[link to www.jayweidner.com]

in the future i'll be having to ignore archonic/flyer-infested posters.

i'm interested in hearing from others who experience this "force" who aren't afraid

if there is a true god obviously everyone would choose the true god and not this "beast"

this "force" sure explains this world today and it explains the obsession with porn etc. it also explains the trance state i see and it also confirms this "force" that i see controlling others.

i think christians are worshipping a FALSE god and probably so are the rest

for some reason these archons/flyers are afraid of me and view me as a threat of some sort.
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