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Message Subject everything about this world is bullshit LIES
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Anonymous Coward
User ID: 6834490
United States,

my memory has been swiped so i have these things that trickle out.

it may sound mind delusional but i've always had the feeling i'm here to destroy these parasites. i always told my partner i didn't want to come here but that i would only come should my partner come. it may sound strange but i know my presence here changes this world...if i would off myself i would bring everybody home with me. don't ask me why i have this knowing in me but some things i just know

i've got to be careful not to get mind delusional. i've had 3 separate people tell me i'm an Avatar, 2 separate people tell me i'm a Tall One, 3 separate people say i'm an entity from John the Baptist and a woman where i used to live called us the "2 witnesses from the Bible". i've been called many other names but i'm leery of embracing those things because those parasites are highly manipulative

at one point i told my parter i am the Son of the True God (Source). i don't want to be mind delusional so i don't say it to people. i KNOW i'm here for spiritual reasons only and to free those trapped here. i do everything with love in my heart but not the love that characters think they know

i would ONLY serve a TRUE GOD and not some false god like these parasites.

please don't get me wrong that i'm saying there is no True God. i've just got to be very careful in what i believe because i don't even trust my own perceptions at times

i got religious scripting everyday in my world. you wouldn't believe it if i told you

a visiting Dominican Priest told me he saw God in my eyes and told me there was an evil force trying to prevent me for doing what i'm supposed to do here. i don't know. i must be very careful not to fall into mind delusion

like i said i will only serve a Loving True God and nothing else. my nature is to help free those trapped in this abomination
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