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Message Subject everything about this world is bullshit LIES
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Well this thread has taken an unexpected turn indeed...
One that would be interesting to follow for a bit;especially consider what day it is today.

I want to add my two-cents worth. Two stories about two separate shamanic experiences that I had within a month of each other. One was an experience of the Universal Love and the other a face to face encounter with the Archons.

Both encounters occurred after drinking shamanic concoctions made from the San Pedro cactus.

The first occurred in the town of Vilcabamba in southeern Ecuador. There were four of us and we each drank a shot glass full of the cactus mixture at the base of a sacred site known as Mandango. During the climb I was literally knocked off my feet by this flood of absolute, universal Love.

I could write about this for hours but let's just say that it was the most profound experience I've had regarding this flow that I'm sure surrounds us all at all times and sustains us on a continual basis.

The second was about a month later in the Sacred Valley of Peru. This time despite warnings from the shaman I drank three shot glasses full instead of the one that was recommended, hoping for a profound experience.

It was again a group of four (not the same companions) and we were walking to a sacred Incan site when my body just sort of sloughed off and I was taken in spirit to witness high strangeness indeed.

There were these strange creatures; sort of a cross between Casper the unfriendly ghost and a human fetus. In the midst of them on some kind of a pedestal I saw my creative self in a catonic state. Adjacent was another pedestal and several of these creatures were at work creating my reality for me.

My spirit guide took me back into the far past and showed me how these creatures had impressed religion onto humankind as a control mechanism. Then I was whisked even further into our past and was shown how the idea of blood sacrifice was imprinted on us by the same strange beings.

It took me months and months to discover the gnostic texts even though I had met a professor of the Nag Hammadi in Vilcabamba the month before. Through these texts I was able to identify the creatures I had seen as Archons.

Later the search lead me to castaneda's "Active Side of Infinity" where the Predator warning is given in give to Carlos and finally to John Lash's "Not in His Image"

I've searched for other literary references but it does appear there has been a systematic purging of any information about the Archons.

So in summary, I think both forces are indeed at work; the Predator attempting to keep us in a perpetual prison of their own creation and an opposing force of primordal, universal Love that keeps us from totally succumbing to the Archons.
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