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Message Subject Sandy Hook: NRA certificate
Poster Handle Emlapal
Post Content
One of the things supposedly found at Lanza residence:

* An “Adam Lanza National Rifle Association certificate.”

Wouldn't he NRA have his name on file if he's a registered member?

Also, I'm a new NRA member and when I signed up I got an NRA card, not a certificate. Not saying there isn't a certificate, just not familiar with it.
Quoting: Emlapal 34152212

I think this " revelation" is a poke in the eye at the NRA. Basically they are saying...your damn right this is fake and not only that we are going to fu** with you NRA and say we found a membership.

Right..exactly...so this is to put Obama and co. Further at odds with the NRA. But why? If the NRA says he wasn't a member, then what!? Follow it to the next reasonable conclusion.
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