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Message Subject Sandy Hook: NRA certificate
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
This is the type of thing that makes it obvious this was a setup with anti gun anti NRA agenda and propaganda.

When you go over the top then you get exposed. The people that set this entire thing up went too far (if you can imagine that). To smear the NRA they planted a certificate conspicuously at the Lanza house. HOW RIDICULOUS. It is so obvious this was a plant. Especially since the NRA has no record of either Lanza.

When I was in High School I cheated on a test. Out of 75 questions I got every single one right. Do you think the teacher knew what was going on? I still could have gotten an A if I got 3,4 or 5 questions wrong and made the results look plausible but I was stupid and got every one right. In the same way these idiots screwed up and tried to get too much out of this event. Another NRA book on pistol shooting was conspicuously available as well? Come on !
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