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Message Subject Sandy Hook: NRA certificate
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Ok...let me spell it out:

Officials claim that Adam Lanza was an N R A member. This is verifiable evidence. Many of the the posts here are subjective. If it is found he was not a member, then it would be a proven lie!

I know it's not as big as, let's say, a photo that may or may not be this person or that. No...this is just evidence that can be proven or disproven.

I emailed the NRA, as a card carrying member, to see if he was. Pending an answer.

K...enough of this nonsense...let's here more about dallasgoldbug and ***********Beastst...stop clicking on Sandy Hook...there were 8000 kids.....
 Quoting: Emlapal 30657134

They never said he was an NRA member unless you have some ifno I havent seen yet.

certificate is not member card, no?
 Quoting: (white cross) 30238953

No. Its a certificate of completion of a NRA basic pistol course. It has nothing to do with NRA membership. Its required before getting a pistol permit in CT.

[link to www.connecticutfirearmstraining.com]
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